Please contact our order specialists by replying to any of our confirmation emails or using our support link:

Q: "Where's my stuff?"

A:  Please contact us right away and our order specialists will research the situation and send you further instructions.

Q.  The bracelet is too big for my charms.  Charms would not fit over the extender chain.  The end will not unscrew.  How do I get charms onto my bracelet?

A:  Take the end opposite the clasp and unscrew it. That will allow you to place charms onto the bracelet and will protect them from falling.

Q:  The screw will not come off.  The screw end comes loose too easily.  The clasp is broken.  The extender is knotted.  Not the size I ordered.  Or anything else broken or missing (such as the bonus charm)

A: You have every right to expect exactly what you ordered.  Please contact us so we can send a replacement out to you right away.  Please send us a picture of the problem, this helps with our quality control process.

Q: The color is...

A: Other grades of stainless steel have more nickel which gives it a brighter color.  Our bracelet is the natural color of 316 surgical steel, which only has trace amounts of nickel, so there are no added metals or electroplating to wear off, turn colors, or cause allergies.

All of the lampwork glass charms and leather bracelets are individually handmade and unique and therefore have slight natural differences in color.  

Leather can wear or absorb the oils of the skin and therefore change the dye color, this is considered a normal process and is not covered by warranty.

Q.  My bracelet is tarnished or has a black residue.

A:  We use only the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel for our bracelets so they should never tarnish.  The only way this might happen is when tarnish is transferred from a charm on the bracelet.  Sometimes there is a small amount of black residue on a new bracelet, this a natural result of the manufacturing process.  Simply remove your charms and polish the steel either by rubbing it with your fingers or a soft cloth, or cleaning with dish soap and water.  You can gently scrub with a soft brush if needed.  Please do not use toothpaste, silver polish, or other polishes on your chain as it can leave tiny scratches behind which will dull the natural lustre of the stainless steel finish.

Q:  I just don't like it!

A: We understand that pictures on the internet can only provide so much information.  That is why we back your purchase with a 62-day money back guarantee.  Please contact us so we can send you instructions on how to start the returns process.

Q:  Ordered wrong size, wrong color, wrong item

A:  Contact us so we can send exchange instructions out to you right away.